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I'm not sure which forum to put this question on so FMOD please move to a better forum if you think it will be viewed more than here.

I have my login/lobby music setting to DEFAULT and there a few of the tracks that play that I absolutely LOVE!!

Are they tracks we unlock during the game??

Or can we buy them like the original RS and symphonic track that were offered awhile ago?

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12-Oct-2019 18:42:27

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I believe the login music can be changed with a dropdown box on the login page (top-right).
There should only be a setlist that you can choose from, you can't import anything specific, the ones that are there are the ones you have to choose from. All tracks should be unlocked for every player.

I hope that answers your question, or if I'm reading them correctly. :)

13-Oct-2019 04:09:05

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^ The drop-down menu is just for the login background, not the music (if I recall correctly, I just have it muted).

This page lists all the music that is/was used at login:
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