Hallowe'en 2019?

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Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Hopefully. The Halloween events are traditionally my favorite RS events. Aslon Dak: Still 'Scaping after 15 years!
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14-Oct-2019 01:45:12

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You will skill around RuneScape to gather skilling fragments every five minutes. Combine all fragments to create a ghost outfits. X'D

That has been the trend so far lol.

This year, I believe the fragments are called pumpkin slices. There will be a pumpkin collector at the PoF and you give the slices to him. Then, he will create pumpkin lamps to light up your farm at night and increase productions.
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14-Oct-2019 18:10:27

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They said there isn't one planned this year, however the Game Jam is currently on, and Mod Raven & Mod Osborne are working on an "Araxxor themed mini quest" which they said they will
to get ready for Halloween...
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14-Oct-2019 18:41:24

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