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Beeyan Angel

Beeyan Angel

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Edit: SOLVED (thanks for replies)

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and has found a solution? I 'bought' the free 'one special day' balloon and cape from Solomon's Store today. I know it worked, as I got the balloon in my inventory. However, the cape is not in the 'back' slot of my wardrobe interface. That's where I found it on another account of mine, so I know it's supposed to be there, but it simply isn't.

I have tried logging out and in again - no joy.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated. :)

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Tonks Witchy
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Tonks Witchy

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i thought the one special day pack would be available till midnight on Friday 4th of October???
It says so in the post; now my husband wanted to grab it and it is gone in solomon's shop???

04-Oct-2019 20:48:02

CM Shaddie

CM Shaddie

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@Tonks Witchy - Please create your own thread for this issue, as this one is referring to something else, and this OPs issue has been resolved.

That said, I am locking this thread.

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