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Hello guys, today i thought to write some lines here about jagex and their banning system, i woke up today and my account was banned, it says for serious breaking rules, so my reaccion was ok this must be a mistake, I openned a ban appeal, and the answer was that i was using other types of programs. Now my question is... how is that possible? how can i be sleeping, wake up in the morning, log in to runescape and pum banned? how is that possible if i wasnt playing and my account was offline? Im playing runescape since 2004, all my accounts are lost, or dont remember the password, or this case "banned" for no reason, im so disapointed with jaggex, tried to find an email to contact them to hear a solution and its impossible, the appealing system doesnt work, and it says that dont try other times because the wont read the appeal, so how can we be in direct touch with jaggex when this types of things happens? im so disapointed that ive played this game for almost 15 years with different accounts and no one from the staff can email me to see what happened, this will be my end of RuneScape for me for ever, ive spend 15 years of my life playing a game that the developers and owners dont care about his community. Today u banned my account with no reason while i was sleeping and my account was offline, but remember, your game is full of REAL bots, work hard to ban them and listen to the community that still play the game... I dont know if this is the place for this post, maybe you will delete it like nothings happened but I had to write this here...

07-Oct-2019 14:20:29



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You can be banned for breaking the rules a year ago. Macroing bans aren't immediate. If you have used a macro six months ago, you can receive a ban right now for that. The best thing to do is to avoid breaking the rules.

07-Oct-2019 14:49:20

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For information on bans and how to appeal them, please see the Account Bans page in the Support Centre.

If you have general questions that are not addressed in the [link url=]Account Bans[/link] article, then you may ask those on the Community Led Account Help Forum, but remember that Jagex will not take appeals or discuss account specifics over the forums.

Thread is locked as the Forums may not be used to appeal or protest account bans.

If you were playing OSRS, you might also be interested in the A Message About Unofficial Clients news post.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

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