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I'd have to agree with FiFi though, the whole China fiasco only blows up over a gaming event? People literally get killed by their own government and no one bothered to mention it. Someone gets banned from an online game and the whole internet decides enough is enough? China has been an issue for decades, and I don't feel the gaming culture is doing this justice by making it into a giant meme about Winnie the Pooh rather than the actual issues of propoganda, censorship, labour exploitation, systematical culture demolition and genocide.

Sure, any means to an end might be good enough. But this thread is about the likelyhood you might get banned for political dissent. It kind of misses the whole point of these are people actually dying, they have much bigger things to worry about than foreigners being banned from games.

They made a political statement with poor timing and got punished for it. The consequences aren't even that bad, the statement has created a lot of talk, but the talk it is causing is all focused about Blizzard and not the fact that people are being killed by their own government, so I'm not convinced the talk it has generated is actually beneficial, rather than a blessing in disguise from the CCP's perspective, people are more annoyed about an esports competition than they are about the human rights violations! That's literally perfect deflection.

Rather than talking about the slave labour camps, we're making memes about Winnie the Pooh. Somehow, I just don't think that's solving anything.

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