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i don't know how but my spell book, teleports have been filtered to only the runes i have in my invent.

How can i undo this so i can see all spells / teleports regardless if i have runes or not.

The T button in the top right corner of the magic tab only filtered abilities

image not working :/

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Asahel Frost
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Hi Ainkan.

To insert an image, do it like this: [imgur src=G8yrEY2.png]

This is interesting. They added a filter for the spell book to the mobile client. However, it seems that if you turn on the filter in the mobile client, that also filters the spellbook in the desktop client (I just tried it!). I couldn't find an option in the desktop client to turn the filter on and off though.

I think you'll have to log in on the mobile client to toggle the filter.

I did a bit of research, and Jagex are aware of the issue, so it should be fixed soon (though may be not in time for Monday's update).
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The bug is still there. Thank god I found this thread, I don't even remember turning on the filter on Mobile. Saved my day (didn't feel like playing combat at all after encountering this bug)

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