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Its the reward for watching the livestream of RuneFest on Twitch. It represents the upcoming Archaeology skill and that island it took you to is the RuneFest Island.

There are certain locations where if you swing the pickaxe, you'll find a smoldering lamp. (

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Marit Solers
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You can swing it varous places and receive smouldering lamps as reward. List on RSwiki.

I just wondered if there are more spots than listed there, couse it still says: But you have a feeling something is out there....

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Cool, my main watched runefeast, I only logged in after an hour or so as I didn't realize I wasn't logged in. So I hope I still get axe. There were a lot of new faces I didn't recognize. Didn't see Mod Shauny (if I've got the right mod??) Think he was hiding because he leaked big news ;) :P he loves chatting about it apparently - so if you see, remind him, chat about it - you'll make his day :P
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Spiritplx said:
I watched part of the live stream on the RuneScape twitch channel but didn't receive the pickaxe. Is there something special you need to do after watching the stream?

I have the same problem, got the loot crate but not the dummy pickaxe, what can i do? :(
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