Can't login to my old account!

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I had a character that I had a lot of hours played. The account in question is (gondolf wise) and should share the same email as this (bwakel88) profile. I recently tried to login and a new character was created instead. I have a lot of emails(from years ago) to prove I have that account. I don't want to start over.

14-Oct-2019 05:42:34

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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If you're logging into old school RuneScape you're meant to start all over with nothing because it was released as a new game in 2013. All your items, levels and progress continued on the main version of the game which is now known as RuneScape 3.
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14-Oct-2019 05:45:27

Samora Kiba
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Samora Kiba

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Don't worry, your account still exists, you're just not using the right login name.

It sounds like gondolf wise is an older account. If the account is made before November 2010, you will have to log into it using the first display name that account ever had.
If it's made after that time, it will have a login email, but that is not necessarily the same as the contact email. There's an easy way to find out: submit a 'forgotten login' ticket here: Forgotten login

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14-Oct-2019 06:11:17

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