Beast of Burden Confusion

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it says that the Beast of Burden is a creature we make from summoning such as a wolf pouch -and that it can Carry some of our items - But our summoned creatures Only Hang around for a few minutes until they disappear - so what happens to our items ?? they disappear too ???

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Beast of burdens (BOB) tend to come in to summoning later on in the game. The first notable BOB is the War Tortoise which you can summon from level 67 and last for around 60 minutes.

I'd advisable when on slayer/long boss trips you carry a replacement pouch and a summoning/super restore potion. Keep an eye on the timer (its a buff icon), and when it gets within a few minutes until it vanishes, simply right click the summoning icon and press 'refresh familiar'. This will put the time back to one hour and will prevent the items for falling on the floor.

Hope this helps ;)

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