Annoying and Deadly Glitch

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This has gone on for some time so I am surprised Jagex hasn't taken any reports into consideration about this matter.

In case combat trainees haven't noticed, if you constantly click on the mini map to move and reorient yourself because that spot you want to click on is too far from your camera on maximum zoom (take running from one side to the other in the abyss to re-aggro abyssal creatures for example) your character will freeze up and take hits from minions without doing anything even when auto retaliate is on.

While left clicking a monster within the camera solves the issue, this is deadly for people who afk train in aggressive areas; and I have seen some people die to this auto retaliate bug. Myself am no exception as I sometimes aren't aware that my character became unresponsive due to mini map clicking so when I come back after 4 or 5 minutes my character is already dead.

I have stomached this for 2 to 3 years before reaching the end of my tether dying to the same glitch that should have been patched years ago.

Please fix this already.

02-Oct-2019 06:54:35

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I mean, I see where you're coming from about the auto-retaliate thing seemingly stopping, but I also agree with the above statement. The game was never intended to be able to set auto-retaliate and let the game play itself. You've gotta keep an eye on it, particularly in combat where death is a risk.

I'd say this is more a "feature" than a bug, but if you believe there's a legitimate issue, any suspected bugs should be reported from the in-game interface with as much detail as possible. Information about this process can be found in the How to report a Bug support article.

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02-Oct-2019 08:33:52

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