Mouse remapping?

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I am curious to get an answer from an official source rather then mixed opinion on Reddit as that is all i have seen. Are you allowed to remap/rebind the left click (mouse down and up) to the scroll wheel? So one scroll tick is a click, this is of course at a 1 to 1 ratio, as I'm aware that some people take advantage of the scroll wheel being unlocked to spam multiple over a duration of time, which is more macroing. However in a 1 to 1 manner where the clicks arent coming out any faster then achievable with regular left clicking. My only draw to this is the reduced strain on my index finger after prolonged clicking. However i do not want to cop a ban for trying to reduce any possible RSI.


10-Oct-2019 09:21:50

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If in any doubt play without...

Also the 1 : 1 is a myth is some cases. I've seen people claim they uses 1:1 and still got banned. :(

If you suffer from RSI try a different mouse that fits your hand better. It worked for me and now no more RSI. :D
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10-Oct-2019 09:55:54

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10-Oct-2019 11:28:05

Samora Kiba
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Samora Kiba

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I really wouldn't try this.

I'm also going to argue with your statement that this would not be faster than normal left-mouse clicking. Not every scroll wheel has a stop, and to leftclick on the same location a bunch of times, someone with this setup just has to give the scroll wheel a sling and watch it perform clicks as it rolls. Even with a stop, 1 motion of stretching your finger gives about 8 mouseclicks, while it usually would give you 1.

Having to rebuild an account from scratch isn't really great for your RSI either.

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10-Oct-2019 15:00:54

CM Nick

CM Nick

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I would echo the sentiment that you should definitely lean on the side of caution with this one, as it seems like a remapping that could definitely be misconstrued as macroing.

As others have said, this seems like a risk you don't seem to be willing to take, so I would take Tuffty's advice and maybe try a different or more comfortable mouse :)
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10-Oct-2019 20:40:43

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