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Hey - Wondering if someone can help me here

I am 250 kills deep with Big Game Hunter without one totem piece dropping for me

is there something I am doing wrong , am I just being ultra unlucky or is there some prerequisite to getting the totem pieces to drop?

the wiki says 1/50 drop chance and from reading reddit and other forum posts that seems to be about what other people have been getting too but after 250 kills I've had nothing

could someone please off me some help? thank you very much

13-Oct-2019 10:51:45

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Madji

With a 1/50 drop rate, the chances of going 250 kills without a drop are 0.6%, so you're quite unlucky, but there is still a reasonable chance of being in this position. To put it another way, if 200 people started doing BGH, there's still be one without a drop after 250 kills (you in this case - sorry!).
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13-Oct-2019 11:19:40

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