General Rules

General Forum Guide

What is the General Forum for?

The General Forum is a place for discussion relating to RuneScape or Jagex that doesn’t fit into any other forum.

If you want to talk about random, non-RuneScape/Jagex topics, please head over to “Off Topic”.

If you’re looking to discuss a specific feature or area of the game, please check for a more appropriate forum first (e.g. for a recent in-game update, go to “Recent Game Updates”, to suggest ideas for new content, try “New Game Content - Suggestions” etc.

As ever, you should always do a quick forum search to check the topic you want to discuss doesn’t already have a well-established thread dedicated to it. This keeps the forums nice and tidy.

What is the General Forum not for?

This forum should not be used for account support issues, this includes offence appeals, abuse reports, security concerns, permanent bans, display names or anything relating to your personal game account. Please use the appropriate method of contact instead.

This forum is not a 'catch all' forum for spam or 'throw away threads'. All topics created must have some legitimate discussion value; any disruptive behaviour within this forum will be dealt with in line with the Forum Offence System.