still get compact resource

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fzzybnyslprs said:
most recent patch notes says you wont get them if your at cap in base camp. I'm still getting them frequently at big game hunter.
its very annoying

they could just soft cap the resources, which would solve all of this without any potential for bugs like this, but hey what do I know, I've only been playing the game since 2004, surely some 2018 hire knows more than I do.
st Mas

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06-Nov-2019 07:36:54

Rosa Marie
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Rosa Marie

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I have the same thing happening with both my accounts mainly with jadinko hunting as I've been doing that mostly off and on for weeks now. I've resorted to destroying them. BTW both accounts have fully upgraded base, the only thing missing from alt is the crystal top for the idol, thought that perhaps this was the reason. If one gives empathy and solace the the world is a better place

13-Nov-2019 02:51:01

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