ballon drop in lodestones

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Rollin Rock5 said:
23 minutes past every hour, and a message
in purple
to remind you in the chat window unless you have that filtered. Remember to weak fancy dress for the full experience :P

all the days of the week in agust?

Or only during the weekend exp events?

16-Aug-2019 21:45:06

Mr Rey Ray
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Mr Rey Ray

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Every hour at roughly the 23rd or 24th minute of the hour during Summer Escapes cyan, red, and yellow Balloons drop around all of the lodestones except Prifddinas and the J-Mod lodestone. They can be burst for a variety of rewards, and remain active for one minute at a time.

Their appearance is notified with the following message: It's summertime! Balloons have appeared at selected lodestones. What might be inside...?
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16-Aug-2019 23:54:52

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