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Morning all,

We're launching this week's game update now, we're going to reboot at 13:00 game time (2pm UK time).

Now stop reading this and get back in game for the last moments of double xp weekend, it ends at 12:00 game time!


29-Jul-2019 10:34:10

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I §ee

29-Jul-2019 10:58:57



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Lord Drakan said:
Blackwing said:
New content or another patch week?

Hope for the former, expect the latter. :|

This month didn't have many headliners besides the new area (first week) and DXP weekend.

Bank improvements haven't been released yet. Though there is a chance that it slips due to dev/QA concerns.

Summer skill Off.

The Mahjarrat Aura being buyable in game.

29-Jul-2019 11:39:31

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