Fossil Island, as expected

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Johan Rayne said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Seriously, IDK and IDC. Perhaps some people don't see the fossils they envisioned, get disappointed, and call it "dead content"?

I'll rather take Mr. Mordaut's proactive and positive way, that is, hey it is not the Fossil Island I envisioned, no big deal and we just call it Anachronia and embark into our real time present journey. :)

a player base, states that they want fossil island, they get anachronia instead. they want archaeology not lvl 200 monsters.

they voice their opinion, others disagree. if the company makes record profits it doesn't matter to them.

If you want Fossil Island, play OSRS. One thing I do think is this place should of had a Kudos requirement like OSRS Fossil Island.

12-Jul-2019 06:34:08

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