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Or if you talking about the rings then it was changed few weeks ago to make them more consistent with the T2 upgrade, but the total time it takes to get caught is still correct.

17-Nov-2019 17:56:46

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Madman911 said:
I have 349 big game hunter kills and have all the potential time saving updates. Anyone notice the speed of the color changes have seemed to increase?


After a player got the T2 upgrade, the colour changes for the detection circle was non-uniform. It would stay red for 2.4 extra seconds near the end, making it misleading.

The update to the detection circle was made to be more uniform, so it seems like it changes more quickly, but in reality it's exactly the same as a player without the T2 upgrade, but the extra 2.4 seconds have been uniformly distributed amongst all the different colours rather than tacked on at the end.
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