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I think you you have a point.

I didn't really mind the challenges too much the way they were, except when I got things that, as an Ironman, would take me months to accomplish due to the rarity of the materials. In that instance, the flexibility would be good.

One of my issues is that they vastly overcompensated with the quantity needed to complete the challenge. It went from "336 fletched and strung maple bows" to "25 fletched bows of any kind." Takes less than a minute to complete and requires absolutely no effort on my part. It's less of a challenge and more of a thing to do to get free xp.

Another issue is that, unlike you, I didn't have a problem with turning things in. What in the name of Guthix do I need with 336 willow shieldbows? I was glad to turn them in for a loot bag...and there's the problem for me: no more loot bags. It was the only way that I, as an Ironman, could reliably get dragonstones. Now I have to wait until I have 101 slayer before I have a chance to get glories. You simply can't depend on crystal keys.

But I think the worst part of this update is that now I'm getting challenges that I can't do. My thieving challenge went from pickpocketing NPC's to cracking safes...something I can't do for another 15 thieving levels.


My solutions would be:

1) Increase the quantity to something more reasonable considering the reward. Today, I got TWO herblore levels out of making 10 pots. That's just flippin' ridiculous.

2) Incentiveize crafting higher level goods. Yeah, you can fletch regular bows if you want, but you won't be getting a lot of xp out of it if you can fletch elder bows.

3) Give us the option of turning things in for a loot bag. That way you could keep the items you want to keep, but still get rid of things you don't. Seriously, I'm not wasting nats alching maple short bows.

4) I'm sure this part was just a mistake, but stop giving people challenges they can't do.

16-Dec-2019 20:07:11

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