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Hey all,

We're now launching this week's game update, we're aiming to reboot at 10:00 game time (11am UK time).


14-Oct-2019 09:34:21

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FatáRedáBear said:
Chee said:
here to post that nobody likes MTX

It's been around for over eight years now, counting the Members' Loyalty Programme. I doubt Jagex care, as a company. Presumably most JMods disapprove of it but most likely it's enforced by execs. Heck, the release of SoF made Paul Gower leave the company, according to him in that documentary video.

Is there an update this week? (a "mental health event" does not count)
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14-Oct-2019 10:14:21

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ty for updates youre doing a great job jagex keep it up
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14-Oct-2019 10:32:31

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