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Yo, Don't know if this is going to go missed or not. Whilst I am glad that this is a rather substantial patch I am curious about something though. Amulet of Glories and other wall items in Player Owned Houses have gone unfixed for months despite numerous bug reports, But due to player request, you're adding two roaming guards into burthorpe? Again I am glad that there are weekly patches however I'd like to believe after 6 months something like walls in POH could be fixed.

14-Oct-2019 10:41:37

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surprise surprise, yet another patch week @Chee__RS
st Mas

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14-Oct-2019 10:57:36

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•A broadcast will trigger when an account hits the 5 year ironman milestone

What about all the people like me who was 5 years old yesterday.

•A special title has been added for Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen, no spoilers so you'll have to find this one out for yourself!

Not hard to find as it shows up in your chat box when you talk to Mr Ex...stop giving us handouts lol

14-Oct-2019 12:01:19

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Such impatience, yes we have pre-release Dino eggs. Already got one from Malletops shortly after logging back in after update. So not “just” patch week. Geez.

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