God Jadinkos Bugged

Quick find code: 15-16-443-66125367



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Unsure if this was only the case after this week's update, but capturing a God Jadinko at the Herblore Habitat disconnects you to login screen.

I have tried:

- Capturing the 3 different God Jadinkos (for witchdoctor mask)
- Capturing on 2 different worlds (w15 & w49)

Checking the marasamaw plant kicks to login screen without fail.

If I try to relog immediately, it informs me that my account is still logged in, but brings me to the lobby anyway. The lobby fails to load, leaving a blank lobby page. If I then click the play button, the play button becomes 'depressed' but nothing happens. At this point I restart the game client.

If I wait a while before relogging, I am brought to the lobby with a 'malformed login packet' error message, but can continue login as per usual otherwise.

The captures are counted and the drops as well as the marasamaw plant reappear in my inventory. So, I was able to get the mask, albeit with the inconvenience of relogging for every capture.

15-Oct-2019 08:15:36

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