Raffle Rigging Solved

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Jeremy Cheng

Jeremy Cheng

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Golden Barrows now requires Kindred Spirits quest completed to be earned from raffle. Golden barrows items won are now (inactive) and can't be worn until above requirement is met.

Golden Chaotics now require all bryll permanent unlocks unlocked to be won.

Golden Warpriest now requires 75 defense.

Golden Godswords now require Tales of the God Wars and at least one of each GWD1 boss kill to wear them.

Protean packs now require you to have won any protean pack from TH before being able to win them.

Portable Deposit Boxes can't be placed within 5 squares of another. Portable deposit boxes have their private setting removed.

Deathtouched darts now require 5m to activate. Controversial, but it is what they cost at the merch.

Hopefully this will be implemented for next year's raffle. I have never supported raffle rigging and hopefully my post here clarifies my stance on raffle rigging.

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