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Camera issue: This is a system problem which has been around for many years now. When it first arose Jagex said it was the only way to fix another, more serious issue. I don't think this will be a quick and easy fix unfortunately.

Frogs: I find they're very easy to click, but I understand your point of view. My only worry is that the click area becomes too big, allowing for more mis-clicks to occur.

Spears: I understand why you'd want it to be automatic if you only have 1 spear type in your inventory, but there may be occasions where you've made too many of one colour in your testing round, and end up applying the incorrect colour to the traps in your next round. Niche situation, but probably more annoying than it is currently. If you want to get around keeping hold of space bar, just right click the scorpion and select colour from there.

Chat: Again, this is an old system issue which came about with EOC. I agree it needs fixing, but I think this would need a complete overhaul rather than little tweaks.

Encounter end: I agree with this. Although I'm not sure what would happen if you didn't have enough inventory space and items dropped on the ground. Would they be lost as you've now left the instance?

Crafting menu: I agree. Minor annoyance, but annoying nonetheless.

By biggest gripe:

Leave is right next to Quick-Start on the pedestal. This needs moving.


28-Oct-2019 11:04:41

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