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BallzOfZeus1 said:

2 ---- is the 2 second extra before the dino catches you seems messed up since they did the so called fix last time the circle turns red & then bam I'm kicked out caught

That's how it's supposed to work. Previously, it would go from green to yellow to orange to red (over 6 seconds or 10 ticks) and then add the Hunter Lodge Tier 2 perk (+2.4 seconds or 4 ticks), meaning that the detection circle is red for an extra 4 ticks.

The change applied was just to make the colours switch more uniform, rather than the circle being red for an additional 4 ticks. I'm guessing they added an extra tick to each colour of green, yellow, orange, red, so it seems similar without the Hunter Lodge Tier 2 perk, but is still an extra 4 ticks before you get caught.
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28-Oct-2019 12:25:30

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