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Lord Kaiga

Lord Kaiga

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Within these recent updates, we've seen

-70% of news being MTX Patch Weeks

-Bug fixes from unfinished endeavors

-MTX Events and weekends

-Actual content delayed/shelved

-Questionable changes later reconsidered

While the player counts continue to drop, item prices plummet, and content that's either social or not the most efficient way to max becoming ghost towns and dead content.

Can we talk about how the past few months have been? Bloody hell, i came back after years to check out fossil island but the price of membership blew up, and now actual content is rare in the face of spin gambling promotions and events?

Why do we even have a monthly subscription fee if we keep getting bilked like this month?

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Lord Kaiga said:
Why did this get posted twice, can the duplicate be deleted?

You can post for it to be locked by a mod, but sometimes if you accidentaly hit enter too fast it can post twice.

No support for removal of sub fee. That's the number 1 revenue generator and we need that to keep the game going ^^
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