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Dilbert2001 said:
Runelower said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Actually player count has been going up for RS3, even if you think concurrent player count is the "player count", it is also going up for RS3 since April of this year.

Don't forget its down from 40k in 2016 to almost 20k in 2019 a bit of a resurgence doesn't do much.

Don't forget it is just the concurrent player count. Jagex is actually making more and more money every year, from both membership and MTX.

Besides, why would Jagex give away membership charge when their actual paid members are going up? It would only make sense to convert to free-to-play when their game is nosediving in subs, but that game is not RS3. :)

Counter-point: players being given the full game are more likely to stay around longer (especially when mobile comes out), and ergo, are more likely to spend money (and more of it) on MTX. There's a reason that almost all of the most popular games in the past gaming generation (ie. the past seven or so years) have been fully F2P with cash shops; more butts in seats playing the game means more people buying stuff.

14-Aug-2019 20:29:58

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Tenebri said:
Lord Kaiga said:
Why do we even have a monthly subscription fee if we keep getting bilked like this month?

you are paying to play the game. not the update. you are still playing for a service


its being discussed in this thread already

Indeed, if you'd like to continue the discussion about this, please continue it in the already existing thread. I'll be locking this, as it's quite redundant to have two threads discussing the same idea.
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14-Aug-2019 23:18:40

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