Volcanic Trapper Outfit Bug

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I was trying out the Volcanic Trapper outfit while hunting Ornate Tortles on my island when I noticed something a little annoying.

The Volcanic Trapper outfit has some nice perks and one of them is the
Speeds up the actions process
when dismantling failed traps or checking them.

The problem though is that when I go to dismantle a failed trap the message "
There's already a trap here
" would appear just as the
Your Volcanic Trapper outfit speeds up the action process
gets triggered and then my trap just disappears. It doesn't go back to my Inventory or left on the ground.

In the video I started with a total of 12 traps, 6 set up and 6 in my Inventory. By the end I've lost 3 traps and thats why I brought a bunch of extras :P

Just wondering if this is being resolved or looked into already. I'm not sure if anyone else has brought this up already ^_^

Not sure if I'm allowed to post a youtube video link here or not, but I do have a video of it
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