Is this a bug or a feature

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Dark Mist
Nov Member 2016

Dark Mist

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Hp Cape doesn't heal your in combat at banks anymore.
Is this how is going to be?
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17-Aug-2019 07:18:40

Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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Might be a bug; try reporting it. I can't think of many conceivable situations where you would actually be in combat near a bank without the ability to wait a few seconds out of danger, though. Even Tarn's Lair and the Ourania Cave should be fine, I think? Bizarre Boron Fusswell, scryer extraordinaire. Minigames & ninja fixes & achievement ideas!

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19-Aug-2019 10:31:54

J R Kerr
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J R Kerr

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well cause it might be related to hp cape on anachronia stand. that was recent. I am a few days away from bein able to do it.
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19-Aug-2019 16:30:22

Jul Member 2016


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CaptKoloth said:
You only heal at an actual bank. Not a bank chest.

not true

several chests heal you

and to answer dark mist, HP cape has never regened while in combat
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24-Aug-2019 20:32:54

Mini JIT
Oct Member 2014

Mini JIT

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It should work in combat but even double the base amount which is a tiny to begin with I doubt anyone would really notice. Wiki says perk also works when cape is stored in bank or cape rack.

25-Aug-2019 19:05:16

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