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I obviously missed something, it's an island with a beach. There is only so many times one can walk up and down a beach....................................

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09-Jul-2019 17:51:27

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You walk down the beach going easterdly and then back up going west a bit til you have an interaction with a dinosaur and can do the actual things on the island. You'll know you're there when you're in a temple with dinobro Irwinson.

09-Jul-2019 18:10:19

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That's the gist of it, it's not just a beach though the island is surprisingly pretty large - much bigger than I thought it would be. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come in regards to possible future locations being added to the game (gnome city etc. wouldn't go amiss if it followed the same standards or even went above and beyond)

09-Jul-2019 18:16:54

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Thunder Jinx

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There's an obstacle you have to pass, run around and once you make it to the camp further into the island you can get there quicker next time.

You can even build a lodestone in this camp so you can get there even faster.
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17-Aug-2019 17:05:44

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tip for the future: go to settings>gameplay>general>under advanced settings at the very bottom, turn on "upper-left hover text"

when you are in new places, you can move th mouse about to see what you can interact with, without running about

in this case i believe it was some kind of agility obstacle, probably a big branch or root

18-Aug-2019 02:17:46

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