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the bgh is a great way to train hunter but it is rather tedius to say the least. some of the dinos radius are too big for the instance site to traverse around it long enough to set up the traps. and some of the dinos have rather rediculous movement speed that they can move along thier set path in much less time it takes to run to the scorpion trap and set it up before the dino returns to that spot making you have to make 3-4 trips between the scorpion and your hiding spot.

the arcane apoterrasaur is a great example of both. its sight radius and movement speed are near impossible to get around. as soon as i get everything to set up to complet the trap 30 minutes have gone by when it should take less than half that time. and by the time i am ready to build and bait the pressure pad the aap has already caught me and i start over. mutliple times i literally run to bait the trap and as i am baiting the dino does a 180 and is on top of me again b4 i can start laying the bait or set the pad.

i usually get to where i can lay the bait but by the time i get there i start over again because the radius is merely feet away from me at all times. so my point is can the radius and/or speed of the dinos be reduced by a reasonable amount so there is more of a chance of success than failure? hunting a creature with only 90k lp shouldn't have to take more time than trying to kill a high lvl boss with 500k lp
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all bgh dinos behave exactly the same.
consider unlocking blade dive/double surge, use mobile perk, and get the 50hunter mark upgrade that lowers construction/arm time by 30%

also use dwarven axe for double logs

shouldn't take more than a few min per kills.

still ill designed tho

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I'm sorry to say this, but majority of us can do a BGH encounter in 2-5 mins. Even taking 30 mins is rather excessive, unless there are 3 dinos at once.

If you actually do some thinking, you will realise that if the dino is moving around in a circle, then moving around in the centre of the arena (in the same direction but slightly behind the detection circle) will be much easier, since you're moving around a smaller circumference. When the dino roars, it will change its patrol to the opposite direction.

Here is an excellent resource from RS Wiki, on what you should be doing, as you're clearly doing something wrong:
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no most of us don't take 2_5 min I have taken a good 30 with been trod on and having yo restart . so I sked around my friends and found no one has done it under 10 min with a good clean run. so may be because we are all over 60 the reason is we are so slow

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If you haven't unlocked and mastered surge and bladed dive, it'll probably take longer to complete rounds of bgh. Working in the center of the arena really is helpful, too. Once you've unlocked the hunter 30% time reduction, bgh will be more fun as well. Adding mobile on excalibur helped me, too.

I'd not really practiced using surge and bladed dive much until Anachronia was released. Praciticing using those on the agility course and at bgh has helped me become better and I run into less rocks and walls now.

Good luck!

P.S. - I will still probably never finish a hunt at bgh in 2-5 minutes, but I'm not a player who ever sets time records anyway.

19-Jul-2019 16:56:48

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i think it's real dumb arc arpoterasaur is so difficult as the "entry" BGH creature

this is the first exposure people get (assuming they don't buy meat), especially if doing miniquest

yet it's so pointlessly difficult because little room to move in. at least now we don't get punished for failing the encounter anymore. but it's seriously a pain especially with only 1 grass to hide in and 2 trees, one which is actually a trap if you use it (east one will literally lock you in and get caught by the dino).

to those saying they don't take 20-30 mins I suggest hunting exclusively this one. it is quite literally that bad. makes me think no one at jagex actually tried it aside from watching it walk around.
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19-Jul-2019 21:55:08

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My first dino always takes the longest because I tend to fletch 18 arrows, and cut vines for three rounds, and wood for two rounds. After that, it takes me about 2-3 minutes per kill. I usually follow the dino at a safe distance. If dino has already roared and turned, I get a bit bolder and will surge to trees or vines or frogs. I love BGH and I'm happy with yesterday's hot fix. After learning week one, I was fine with just surge and bladed dive, but with double surge it's gotten even better. However, I hated the initial change with jadinkos and got busted a lot. Glad it's better now.

If the dino is doing a circle pattern, you can pretty much just move around the bait trap, but don't lay it unless the whole thing is clear. If dino is doing a zig zag or other pattern, watch and see when the trap is completely cleared. It really pays to be patient and watch the patterns when you're trying to learn and it's okay to hit and run back. One of the best learning methods for me was to wait until they roared and turned because then I knew I'd be safe for a bit because I knew where dino would be at all times.

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I'm terrible at pvm, i do well to beat the gw1 bosses solo, that said i can't put a dino down in 2-5 minutes easy once i know the poison type. The 50 mark speed upgrade is a necessity, get it asap. I don't have double surge but normal surge has saved my butt dozens of times.

20-Jul-2019 03:20:41

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Honestly, I've found that of the 3 lowest tier dinos, the arcane apoterrasaur is disproportionately difficult compared to the other 2 - which are actually pretty damned easy with consistent circular paths, a pattern that seems to persist for the most part for higher tier ones too. Beyond the 1 meat for the base quest and what is needed to process up the tiers I wouldn't bother with it if you're having difficulty and it's constantly doing the nasty zigzag pattern it often ends up doing. Do the bagrada rex or scimitops instead - they're much easier.

For some reason, the arcane apoterrasaur often does a zigzag path instead of a circular one
and it's circle covers all 4 sides of the bait platform the majority of the time when it does this, giving very little time to actually make progress each cycle - typically only 2-3 ticks or so, making it take a very long time to make the platform with constant back and forth to avoid getting spotted - even pushing mobile+surge+bladed dive to CD limits at times to avoid getting caught - and you'll be in the circle again before you can finish placing bait too, though thankfully it finishes placing before you get caught at least. When it does the circular path it's no harder than bagrada rex/scimitops at least - it's only when it does that nasty tight zigzag path.

That said, half an hour is far too long - even with the nasty zigzag path this one has I'd expect no more than around 10minutes per kill(/failure). Being overly cautious doesn't really help much, you have no real choice but to rely on surge/bladed dive as escape tools for zigzag paths (or if it's 2/3 dinos at once) though so pure skillers without them don't stand a chance.

Most other dinos 15-20minutes for 5 kills is the general expected time (average 3-4mins per kill - normally the 1st of the 5 being longer than the rest due to finding weakness and/or pre-preparing resources for the following kills). Trap speed and double surge probably help a lot.

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