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Trenergy said:
I can confirm it is still degrading on task. I'm using full custom fitted TMW armor with Corrupted Slayer helm at Lost Grove Creatures (Bulbous Crawlers) and it's degrading with 100 charges per mob. I just put out a bug report, I hope they will fix this.

CF-TMW degrades because of how combat works. Your armour does not know that it has a target until you are damaged or you deal damage to a target. There is a check carried out to determine whether your target is your assigned slayer/reaper task target. From then on, until that monster is killed, your armour does not degrade as intended.

In the grand scheme of things, 100 charges of a 200,000 charge armour is 0.05%... so it's definitely not worth the development time to fix, considering the MW armour used to repair CF-TMW to 100% charges is super cheap already (like 35-40m?)

There are MUCH more important things to fix from the M&S rework, such as the inability to smith salvage for invention components, the inadequate amount of bane-related ammunition that can be smithed per action, the uselessness of stone spirits, etc.
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