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Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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"We care about mental no-life your way to 10k event tokens in 6 days!"

Aslon Dak: Still 'Scaping after 15 years!
News: Aslon Dak has achieved 99 Smithing...completely in F2P. 1 Dec. 2019

10-Oct-2019 04:09:37

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Lord Drakan said:
Foxxie said:
They also said there would never be Microtransactions, Real World Trading, skills would never go past 99, and TH isn't gambling.

Their word is as reliable as a car without wheels.

I agree, but, to be fair, one can rely on a car without wheels' remaining absolutely motionless. :P

Just like we can rely on Jagex to be absolute shit at keeping their 'word'.

10-Oct-2019 05:20:21

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