Masterwork prices?

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Uncle Pob

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David James said:
No idea on price, far lower than time required to make it so buy it now before it's made harder or longer to make and goes up in price. They're already discussing it.

Part of the problem here is Masterwork is already below what most people would call a "reasonable" price. Most players value their time, and won't invest 10-20 hours doing a thing for next to no XP unless they can get a reasonable return on their time-investment.

So it's perhaps safe to assume that most people who're making Masterwork to sell are those who don't value their time. The sort of players we regularly see in w84 Combat Academy doing nothing with his membership but lighting bonfires to try and crash or slow-down as many players as possible, for example. The sort of people who may have been impacted by a Rework that took all their victims away...

So I suspect it's players with *that* mentality who are the problem here.

That sort of player doesn't care about what sort of profit they make; their goal would be to crash Masterwork so hard that it kills Masterwork completely. So I suspect they and their alts are pumping-out Masterwork and selling at rock-bottom prices. As the price lowers, more legitimate Smiths drop out of the race, not wanting to sell their Masterwork so cheaply, so eventually the only sellers left will be those trying to drag the price lower and lower.

And beneath a certain threshold it cannot recover; no individual Smith is going to want to spend time making a Masterwork which he can't even sell for 2gp because there's an army out there selling the things for 1gp.

17-Jan-2019 05:20:34

Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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Gazebo said:
So are those players better or worse than the XP-fanatics that never pause to have fun in the game ?

XP fanatics like you describe don't harm anyone. They choose to keep themselves to themselves, and choose to do the activities they do. Often, gaining XP is how they find fun, so trying to do other things would be a pointless exercise.

But the others I described do the exact opposite: the entire purpose of the game from their perspective is to force their own brand of misery onto players who are most likely to rage, or at least not find it very funny. From their point of view, their own enjoyment is more important than whatever else the people they're trying to annoy are trying to do.

The only reason to try and crash people's clients or cause slowdown at Portables is to cause rage and misery. The only reason to fill W70 Artisan's Workshop with drakes is to cause rage and misery. The only reason to use Ring of Trees at Burthorpe bank on W2 is to cause rage and misery.

So it follows that these same individuals would have exactly the disturbed mindset to purposefully pump-out and undersell Masterwork *purely* to take away Masterwork as a viable Skiller money-making method - ie. causing rage and misery.

Trolling is trolling, whether it's on the forums or in-game. Unfortunately we have a whole lot of those in our community, and Jagex keep providing the tools and means for them to continue on their mission of driving all the other players away from the game... for some reason.

17-Jan-2019 08:25:31

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