This Week In RuneScape - 24/08

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24-Aug-2020 11:38:30

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According to the last estimate given by some Jmod-impersonator on Reddit you have about 70% productivity. Safe to say anyone who thought that it would lead to less self-destructive behavior were wrong.

Unsure how the dwarven mine entrance update is an improvement. Judging by the picture it looks pretty bland and out of place. Kind of like how i'm also unsure why renaming tribesmen to wandering warriors is an improvement. They don't have any clothes except for a leaf over their nether regions and if you watch them for an entire day they don't wander around. Therefore not warriors - and they're certainly not wandering ones at that.

Some days I'm not even sure if I want to play rs3 on an ironman account given how bad you've lost the plot. Most update weeks trigger thoughts like that.

24-Aug-2020 11:51:35

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uuuugh another useless cosmetics update with no actual content. come on!

we had 2 yak tracks, and a beach event just recently, can you please stop with the cosmetics updates and actually update the game?
after the release of the alchemical hydrix i became optimistc but nope, we are back to the useless updates already....

24-Aug-2020 11:56:04

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Question: Will we also see the ability to store Hatchets / Pickaxes in the future as overrides?

Would love using my steel pickaxe (g), or DG tools as an override from time to time.
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24-Aug-2020 12:05:46

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