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So I really need an answer from a JMod on this, truth be told - but I appreciate any thoughts.

I have bonds that I've bought (real world $) / traded for on AH in the past, and I'm wondering how the proceeds to the charity work because the announcement is not clear.

Meaning, if I use a bond / runecoins I've purchased BEFORE the event to buy something in this event, does Jagex give the equivalent real-world $ value to the charities?

Or alternatively, is it only if one BUYS runecoins / bonds DURING this actual event and then spends them on the event does Jagex donate?

This is a very big difference - if this is spelled out anywhere I'd appreciate a reference.


10-Oct-2019 11:03:13

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Pretty sure only RC spent on Solomon's General Store get donated. Don't think buying RC or spending them in-game does anything.

If you're interested in donating, honestly, go to the charities websites and donate directly. Don't trust third-party companies when it comes to charity.

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I think only real money purchase count as virtual currencies have no real world value, and therefore donating bonds and runecoins and such are not real world donations.

Besides, OP said he bought bonds IN THE PAST. If by "in the past" he meant not in the Mental Health Week, then even more obviously so he did not add to the SGS profits that Jagex is going to donate only from this week's event.

10-Oct-2019 20:10:06

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