Last year's raffle tickets

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I had 17 tickets left over from last year and Balthazar didn't destroy them like he has the previous times, is this intentional?

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I always thought it was unfair he took away your old tickets. Its a copy paste event you lost out on 17 chances last year but gained 17 this year so it evens out in the end. You still earned them so should be able to use how you chose.

A lot of event currency carries over now like the stamps.

I am not saying its not a bug because I don't know but its sounds fair to me.

01-Sep-2019 17:26:03

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Trewavas said:
Iirc, they said last year that the 2018 tickets would be able to be used during the 2019 raffle.

all raffle tickets are just tickets now and can be used for any of the raffles.

which is good, my skiler can barely win any prizes so yeah.
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02-Sep-2019 16:29:31

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