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Lord Kaiga

Lord Kaiga

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Within these recent updates, we've seen

-70% of news being MTX Patch Weeks

-Big fixes from unfinished endeavors

-MTX Events and weekends

-Actual content delayed/shelved

-Questionable changes later reconsidered

While the player counts continue to drop, item prices plummet, and content that's either social or not the most efficient way to max becoming ghost towns and dead content.

Can we talk about how the past few months have been? Bloody hell, i came back after years to check out fossil island but the price of membership blew up, and now actual content is rare in the face of spin gambling promotions and events?

Why do we even have a monthly subscription fee if we keep getting bilked like this month?

13-Aug-2019 20:15:16

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I don't know how many of the same thread one needs to create.

Anyway, paid member count has been going up, not down. Even concurrent users are going up for the last few months in the case of RS3.

If Jagex wanted to go without membership, they would have removed membership when RS3 user count was going down, not now when they have more RS3 players.

If a game ever had its user count nosedived 40% in a few months then it might be a better candidate to go fully free-to-pay without membership, but that game is not RS3.

15-Aug-2019 01:49:16

Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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Monday's update wasn't a "MTX" Patch Week.

I agree jagex promises too much, don't expect 100% of updates to be added the day jagex says they would

Post examples of "MTX Weekends"

"Questionable changes" are more OSRS changes to be honest. RS3 updates are usually integrity updates that aren't polled.

15-Aug-2019 02:14:35

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Draco Burnz said:
Dilbert2001 said:
I don't know how many of the same thread one needs to create.


Best to use this thread to continue the discussion.

Lol it was you that keeps bumping a dead thread then complains about it. Did you even read his 2nd post on his other thread, you know the one where he asks for it to be locked? I mean you did post the same thing there.

15-Aug-2019 09:54:51

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