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This may be preaching to the choir but hey ho.

I feel that a huge opportunity was missed in the base camp to make use of loads of the artisan and support skills to build the base instead of having a time-gated resource collection mechanic. Time-locked resource gathering imo belongs in games like clash of clans and farmville, where you drop in for 5 minutes and do everything you need to, not Runescape. We have an entire arsenal of skills that could have been used to improve the camp, most of which are in dire need of having more functionality, especially post 99.

Construction could obviously be used to make buildings, and would be great to have function outside of POH.
Hunting the dinosaurs could get hides and bones to use for the construction whilst woodcutting could get timber, ivy and leaves.
Fletching could craft the bones into different uses, like tent pegs or idols.
Crafting could make hides into waterproof shelters and clay into kilns and furnaces.
There could easily be a farm patch set-up, if for no other reason than a nice lore tidbit to feed the settlers, or used with cooking for new dino-based recipes.
Divination and Magic could weave magical wards around the camp.
Firemaking could make tiki torches and campfires to ward off predators.

The thing is, half of this doesn't even have to have any combat or skilling use, it would just be nice to be able to customise a base camp for each player. Just think that it's a waste of such a huge update to not implement new uses for all the skills already in game and in need of some love. You could even still leave a time-based stalling mechanic in, like having the buildings take a while to build instead of the resource gathering, so that hardcore players can't immediately rush it. And all the items could have been available on the GE.

TL;DR Don't like the resource system, think that the pre-existing skills should have been used to upgrade the base camp.

09-Jul-2019 00:32:34

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