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this is by far the most annoying update released in a long time, none of it is really that useful for all the hassle it creates such as withdrawing 330125 Yak pouches when i simply click it just because lats week i withdrew that much coins. i shouldn't have to right click to 1 item. also the bank not shuffling down so i can just click in same spot to withdraw an outfit thats all together in bank

08-Oct-2019 00:46:26

Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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Even before the update, when you withdrew x of something, then the value for x entered would be remembered indefinitely until you changed it. The shuffling indeed has been removed, though, to emulate the old 2007 system. I am not sure when the shuffling was added in the first place; probably some bank update in 2008 or RSHD. Bizarre Boron Fusswell, scryer extraordinaire. Minigames & ninja fixes & achievement ideas!

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08-Oct-2019 08:45:27

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