Skilloff ending tomorrow

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The skilloff will be ending tomorrow. On my alt i got a message that if i use a currency doubler i will get 10.5k tokens. This is probably false advertizing so don't purchase it. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

02-Aug-2019 17:20:27

A  Cole
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A  Cole

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How much activity have you been doing on your alt?

The currency doubles everything you have already gotten. Therefore you must have already earned 10.5k tokens. It will then double every other token you get from then onwards.


02-Aug-2019 17:38:26

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i honestly thought the potion just double the tokens i earn for x amount of time, now that i know it doubles the tokens i have earned, i'll buy it when i hit 7.5k tokens.

sitting on a few hundred runecoins anyways that i hold for event s like this anyways

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I bought it earlier on. If I use my hcim as reference (didn't buy for ironman), It's worth ~30k tokens and rising.

Each large box seems to average 100k xp or more, so it's like tacking on 50k xp/hr for the duration of event.

Honestly not sure what's better between big and small. small gives more items, but lower quality.

03-Aug-2019 00:12:04

My lil Buddy
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My lil Buddy

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Honestly if you plan on buying the token doubler yall should really go ahead and do it now. Yea, it doubles the amount of tokens you've already earned thus far.

But it also continually keeps doubling the amount of tokens you are earning as u train for the rest of the event whether at the crater or normal skilling.

03-Aug-2019 01:04:53

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