The Land Out of Time!

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Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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*watches the Stormbreaker sail off into the distance*

"Farewell Mordaut! Goodbye members! Good luck! Have fun! Try to not get eaten."

Right, that's it for that then. Time for me to get back to...Hello, what's this?

*picks up an odd-looking bent piece of metal from the shoreline*

"Hey Eva! I found this piece of metal in the water. It seems to be part of your...oh, you've left."

Oh well, it's probably nothing important. I'm sure they're fine.

*places the piece of metal in my pack*

I wonder if The Grand Exchange will make me a decent offer on it...
Aslon Dak: Still 'Scaping after 15 years!

14-Jul-2019 07:43:08

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