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Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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10% chance for an additional log or vine is a little light. For the number we are doing in a cycle, it is quite meaningless. Should be 15.

Edit: OH and I am getting robbed on the hunter fragments. Apparently because of the woodcutting? I have to afk butterflies just to get my fair share. So fragments should also be a higher %.

28-Jul-2019 03:11:41 - Last edited on 28-Jul-2019 03:20:20 by Roddy Piper

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Can the Furnace invention perk be disabled during a BGH instance? It only serves as a nerf for players who have augmented Crystal Hatchets for maximum woodcutting XP/hr, as it takes longer than normal to get the required logs.

It's not viable to gather another 4000 harmonic dust (as it takes hours to do so) to make another Crystal Hatchet just for Big Game Hunter, nor to remove the Furnace perk (as the Honed 5/Furnace 2 perk combo is quite rare).

The Furnace invention perk was also disabled when mining Red sandstone, so it's definitely possible to do.
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28-Jul-2019 07:07:24

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Why can't the hunter shop give me a teletab to each dino or something that I can charge accordingly? Or trade meat for it?

Oh, and please fix the ice-skating: it's never been fun.

01-Aug-2019 13:38:25

Xanthor I
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Xanthor I

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Hi All,
I would like to see legacy mode player (like myself) - yes still a bit of a noob here after 15 years - have a better chance to enjoy new content. I cannot surge and so "big Game Hunter" update is basically not fun for me lol. Yeah I'm whining a bit but I gave up combat already and was hoping skilling would not be affected. I hope Jagex can figure out how to accommodate this.

08-Aug-2019 02:58:06

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Exploring this new land was fun. Different areas took a little more getting used to than others. Though at first I doubted the agility getting around concept, once you get used to it like everything else it is either fun or you hate it ..... I'm lucky I like it & it has nothing to do with xp.
Trying to navigate to some areas for slayer is annoying, especially if you have a familiar out & you do loose time getting to the correct spot.
I was initially not a huge fan of Big Game Hunter. Once again nothing to do with xp, but just how long it does take to bring the dino down. I love the design & look of them. If you get hit with even a tiny bit of lag you get caught & need to start again. This can get really frustrating, as there are no worlds that I know off that isn't lag free.
The main issue I do have with BGH is the initial 3 coloured spears hitting the dino. The numbers are a good size, but the colours tend to blend together, or cut each other off. So it is not often that I have a clear view of the hit numbers. Can they be spaced a little more or can there be a way to define them more please?

Thank you again for this new land,it is brilliant.

10-Aug-2019 13:47:51

Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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At this point I am not sure if the update is terrible or amazing. If you had released it in the current state, and not promoted that hellish agility course, I think it may have been a bit more popular.

Then again, you got that whole completionist thing going. It's like your own private army of game testers. They suffer for all of us. You collect all their data and go hmmmmm. So do I.

One thing I like is the built-in nerf for hunting dinos. The way you locked it behind the time of collecting resources is very smart! People could choose to be completionist whackos or someone who will focus and grind for what they want. Or for people who chill and don't even try the update for 2 weeks.

All that was probably an accident of course.

16-Aug-2019 14:17:08

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