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This game's biggest problem relies on the UI right now. I am not talking for any player online, but for new players who try the game for the first time. What I am saying is that the UI is so overly complicated that it scares new players away almost instantly. I invited two real life friends to try Runescape 3 and they both said they struggled a lot finding tabs and windows they needed, they did not last hours playing this.

I do not blame them, even up today, I myself still get lost in those tabs. I actually do not even know what many icons mean, their look do not give a single clue. Example: Achievements tab, why is that a little formless red shield thing?

However, switching to the Legacy UI makes it more pleasant to see, at the cost of a nerfed combat style because it is not the same with all your switches and action bars where you need to see them. So, why not make a simplified UI already? You will keep loosing new players because the trend today are for casual gamers who want it easy, and Jagex knows this since they made the game easier for those people to adapt. But it is not working because the UI feels and is more complicated to use than WoW's, or even Black Desert's, any other game really, not even Kerbal Space Program has it so hard. RS3's UI feels like I am piloting a damn airship.

I respect some of them though, like the Combat one, that is easy to read, sadly, they are swimming along many black sheeps that could be easily removed and nobody would notice. Example: the Social tab, has like 9 icons regarding clans/friends, I only use 2.

P.D. I will ignore and even dumb down whoever comes and posts only an "Agree" or "Disagree" and nothing more. To me that is not even a discussion worth of hearing; I am seeking ideas and variables I may have not taken in consideration that make my suggestion impossible to implement, who knows. But if you only come here to say one or two words, do not even bother, your opinion will weight absolutely nothing to anyone.

10-Jul-2019 23:23:51

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