Battle of Lumbridge Aug 2019

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I hope you all enjoyed the event. I'll admit that it was very exciting and it was around 50 votes or 5000 of the Event Currency that was spent in the difference between Runecrafting and Herblore.

The problem is, a lot more then 5k event currency was purchased. This is actually a bad thing because Jagex ended up having lots of people buy event currency and that potion to double the event currency you would have earned.

The good news:
We'll get more skilling events like this!

The bad news:
They will probably be 15k tokens and 7 days. Eventually 20k tokens and maybe more.

The sad news:
I found it enjoyable even though I knew what the consequences of this are. :(
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01-Aug-2019 03:41:51

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I saw the unreasonableness of grinding too long if you don;t pay and skipped the event, hopefully more players have done as I did so Jagex won't keep making this type of money grab. Hi.

01-Aug-2019 07:40:09

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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How do you know currency was purchased?
People could have just done other things and not handed in their currency until near the end. I know personally I had collected 8k+ without handing them in the first couple of days because I wanted to get the most bonus out of them for the +20% exp.
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01-Aug-2019 13:55:06

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