Bug with skill of tokens

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I don't know if this is a bug but when i was doing the event for 2 hours and when i left the dungeoneering hole I had only one in my backpack. I saw plenty of times "you find # x skill off tokens". This also happens when my tokens are added to my currency pouch. So is this a bug or am I missing something?

29-Jul-2019 17:04:38

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You also hand in 5 tokens automatically every time you gain xp in the event area for the increased xp. If you have less than 5 they're left in the pouch and your xp rate drops back down to the rather terrible base xp rates.

29-Jul-2019 17:08:36

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Archimedes00 said:
Though when i it says you find 24 skill tokens my xp rate doesn't increase. It stays the same as if i have no tokens.
are you an ironman? cause from what I have read ironmen are forced to give up their tokens to vote and dont get increased xp as that defaces reasoning for ironman mode.
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01-Aug-2019 15:14:17

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