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Can I just have a sanity check confirmation that these actually do drop and were not borked with some update recently?

I'm at 178 laps completed, which is over 9400 obstacles total when counting occasional shortcut use, and if the reported drop rate on the wiki is correct (1/1000 per obstacle, which does match the distribution of most Reddit reports), that means I was mathematically over 99.99% likely to have gotten a drop by now (average should be ~13 laps). This is roughly the equivalent of flipping a coin and getting tails 13 times in a row.

I'm starting to get worried that I'm chasing ghosts and that essential oils, for whatever odd reason, currently can't drop (perhaps for my account specifically). I'm wearing the Nimble outfit and Luck of the dwarves and only have codex pages in my inventory most of the time. I haven't built the spa, but received other T3 materials even without the respective buildings. Checked the bank like 10 times.

@devs: Please, for the love of Seren, add some kind of bad luck mitigation (similar to increased pet drop chance with higher killcount) for unique drops like this. One could spend 50 hours trying to get a drop and still be at square one, which is incredibly demotivating. If it's not a tradable item, the drop chance should increase with more failed attempts.

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i have gotten the essential oils.

You don't require spa/other buildings for it to drop.

I agree with bad luck mitigation.

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Rip, at least the codexes are still worth a lot

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I got essential oils at lap 156 when doing a full run in agility course begining from north.
Nimble Outfit: Yes
Agility Cape: Yes
Luck of the Dwarves: Yes
Double Surge: Unlocked
Double Escape: Unlocked
"In a Flash" Achievement: Done
Town hall: lvl 3
StoreHouse: lvl 2
Sleeping Quarters: lvl 2
Spa/Hunter Lodge/Slayer Lodge/Player Lodge: lvl 0
Bank chest/Lodestone: lvl 1
Agility Lvl: 120
Agilty Exp: 120M+
Totems: All
Totems Active: Navigation, Abyss, Intimidation
Killed Dinosaurs: 2017
Killed Vile Blooms: 250
Base camp upgrade got in order: Dinosaur rib bone, Reinforced dinosaur pelt, Dinosaur Tooth, Essential Oils
Souls got it: Feral Dinosaur, Brutish Dinosaur, Venomous Dinosaur, Ripper dinosaur, Lampenflora, Liverwort.

My last base camp upgrade got it was Essential oils.

Good luck.

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Roddy Piper
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Wow, I got it after like 5 minutes. IMO Jagex should just rig the game to give you one. Nobody should have to go that far into it. That is like an entire DAY of constant clicking and potential stress.

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i dont understand their definition of trimmed completing content. I think after 78 laps I have grasped the agility course many times over. Mindlessly having to redo it over and over again just for essential oil is moronic. When I could be spending my time doing ed2 or ed3. The course is great XP and there is a money making incentive. It's not dead content by making oils drop within 50 laps. Dont understand the necessity to have these items a 1/1000 drop rate.. shouls be 1/100 or so . When i want 120 agility then yes i'll do it. but this isnt about 120s but "doing content"

actually it would maintain the value of the abilities because whilst endlessly trying to get this oil. I have NEARLY made another codex but im not doing this for codex selling.. Rather the trim requirement if you understand, Trimmers want to maintain. Not specifically interested in money I have over 30b. Gimme my oils, others make the money.

The rng levels compared with the height of its requirement in my view is a s bad if not worse than champion scrolls. I just dont get why jagex need to prove themselves hypocrites again.

You've removed an overly time gated trim requirement fine, but you put in an overly time gated trim req that is also extremely rng in its place

kbd BOOK was orginally dropped with dragon rider boots or gloves. It was a 1/1000 drop rate, it was nerfed because most people couldn't get in even 2500 kills like myself. Overly extreme rng

this course works differently. I mean, every catch of a black warlock is 1, every hunt of a big game is 1 chance out of 1000. Every kill of a bloom or dino is also 1.

You assume the drop rate is based on obstacles, i don't think so but table activations. Everytime you get that 1-3 pages, the 10 or a totem is the 1 in 1000 chance not the obstacle itself. Traversing an obstacle has a chance to activate the table. the oils is on the table at that drop rate.

That's what I think and that is wholly disproportionate if true

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Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Make it buyable with x amount of codex pages? You still have to do the laps but it will be more of a fixed amount and you lose out on the money from selling finished codex. Still keep the oil as a rare drop for people who want to get it that way.

They could have the lap reset guard sell it or something.

06-Aug-2019 15:38:07

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