Can't complete Suity Level Max

Quick find code: 15-16-918-66074516

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Did those of you who've completed the achievement have the crystal skillchompas in your inventory? I mean, do they work from inventory or only when equipped? I've tried equipping them, but then the to them superior pick isn't used.

I'm not getting anywhere with my attempts with golem outfit + legendary quarrymaster aura + lava titan + pickaxe of song and earth (with Honed 5 perk) + 99 in both Mining and Strength + overload potions, mining light and dark aminica. I REALLY wish I'd done this before they hotfixed the ramhammer way... :@

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Carry the crystal chins, wield the pick.
It can only happen when you crit on the rockertunity and when the pick hits high enough in it's range (so you can have bad rng and get multiple low 50s from the pick instead of nearer the 140 max)

Keep at it. None of the perks matter (as they don't affect your damage) - use dragon battleaxe special instead of overload as it gives the same mining boost and is free to activate each time ;)

You can wear the ring of whispers for +3 damage too

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Thanks for the dragon battleaxe tip - I'd forgotten abou that one. I don't have the ring (I've not done the quest). But I'm getting the chins. And I guess the god banner for the Mining boost.

Here's hoping getting the full 140 damage from my pick isn't as horribly rare as skilling pets...

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I don't know if anybody who still have a problem with this achievement knows you need to mine a x7 rockertunity rock to complete it.

It means you don't just sit on a rock and mine it. You look for the one with rockertunity (one with some yellow particles shooting up around it). Just move around a coulple of times and it should be finished without any potions or strength buff if you have higher tier of Quarrymaster, Full Magic Golem and a BiS pickaxe.

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I could not get this until i added legendary quarrymaster aura...increase chance fo critical hit by 10%

augmented earth and song
magic golem
crystal skillcompas in inventory (they auto use)
ring of whispers

on dark animica with rockertunity (glowing) x7

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Suity Level Maximum

Hey guys! Just gotten this with..

Full golem suit
Lava titan
Ring of whispers
Pickaxe of earth and song
Crystal skillchompa
Berserk BUFF
- It was on Cooldown so it wasn't needed but will be helpful!

Rockertunity on a Light Animica rock, with a x7 damage hit

Here is a screenshot!

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I got it just now, in about 30 seconds (after trying for months) trying most things people have recommended here. I'm well aware that some of the things will have been duplicated and therefore they wouldn't have helped but I wanted to overkill it to be sure!!

Here's what I used:

Full magic golem set
Max cape
Earth and Song pickaxe
Necklace of Shadows
Ring of Whispers
Combined catalyst fragment
Advanced pulse core.

I used the dragon battleaxe special
I drank supreme overload potion and Perfect Juju mining potion.
I summoned a Lava Titan.

I had Crystal Skillchompas in my inventory (not wielded).

I totally forgot to use an Aura - I'd recommend you don't forget! :P

I clicked the rock every single time the pick hit and moved for rockertunities and it seriously happened soo fast I was amazed.

I hope this helps because it was driving me insane trying to get it :)

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