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Alright, I wanna know which one of you thought it'd be a good idea to put an Eat option next to the Deposit all option for the one place you tend to be healed for free anyway?

0/10 not buying keys until eat option is removed from banking

12-Oct-2019 19:49:37

A  Cole
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A  Cole

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Good spot. I agree, this is completely unnecessary.

If Jagex are conscientious enough to put "Use" at the top of the Shark Soup menu instead of "Eat" to avoid accidental eating incidents (which should be toggle-able IMO), then surely this falls under the same remit.

I've now heard that this has been around for a while. Also, there are some banks which do not heal you. I do not know where these banks are, but surely all banks should be made equal? There's little worse than when a player goes to do something expecting something to happen, only to find that that something has not happened. It's jarring to the game experience and should be sorted out.

Then Jagex can get rid of this "Eat" option from the bank menu. There really wouldn't be any need for it once they've corrected the bank game-play Gielinor-wide.


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Chest's do not heal, IIRC.

Also, at high-level PvM, you stall adrenaline between kills, particularly at max guild. The heal from the bank does not activate until you're out of combat, thus some may choose to use the eat option as they will not 'leave combat' until heading back into the boss portal to continue PvM.

Saying that, it does seem a tad pointless.

13-Oct-2019 07:14:33

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