BGH dino's go into hiding

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M aiq
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M aiq

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too quickly for my liking. Anacronia isn't the fastest place to get around and it seems you barely get settled in before they hide and you have to traipse off to another hunter area. At least 10 kills before they go shy would be nice.

I know the hunter shop sells lures but I'm saving up my marks to be a professional baiter.

Other than that, I'm enjoying BGH far more than any other hunter method.

11-Aug-2019 23:02:24

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Jagex argument for this was so people didn't get bored and move onto a new dino, Even though they are all have the same mechanics. I dont know jagex logic i guess. I'm Sorry my Romany gypsy heritage offends you.

12-Aug-2019 16:10:15

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its not that bad. each tier of dino are in the same area. t1 to west and southwest. t2 to the south east. t3 to north. t2 are a little bit spread out, but the others are in fairly small group areas. if you have all the upgrades, there isn't much reason to leave an area for a long while.

I hunt t1 until I have 50 of each meats. move on to t2 and do the same and so on.

27-Oct-2019 23:56:32

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